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Novo Rio | Uma conversa com quem recria a cultura carioca

Um novo projeto da 14, que vai abrir espaço para discutir a atualização da cultura carioca, começa amanhã na Reserva+ e segue por todas as quintas de julho


Paul McCartney – On The Run Brasil 2012

A comunicação digital oficial da turnê de Paul McCartney no Brasil ficou nas nossas mãos pela terceira vez. Dessa vez, em Recife e Florianópolis.


Vivo Open Air | Conteúdo digital até para celular

O maior telão a céu aberto do mundo passou de novo por SP e fizemos uma cobertura à altura dos 325m², para aplicativos de celular e várias outras mídias


DVD Vamos Todos Cantar de Coração – o show

Idealizado e realizado pela 14, junto com o C.R. Vasco da Gama, um grande show de artistas-torcedores foi transformado em CD, DVD e Blu-Ray.

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The necessity of teaching the arts

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Arts education has generally been a contested location. Quite a few arts educators have defended the arts within the faculty curriculum by emphasising their function in students ethical and specific progress. As an illustration, EB Feldman, defending arts instruction while in the US over the 1980s, argued that it must not be about establishing artists but about some thing broader. He indicates arts education and learning can imbue in younger many people a sense on the gratification that comes from doing work to make an item, a chance to use and have an understanding of language productively, in addition to a profound perception of the values that let civilised living to go on. Continue lendo esse post »


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Good Ideas for a Philosophy Research Paper

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Screening a software or even a plan working isn’t dark -and- white. An application may work in issue or one scenario, but might crash in another. It is as much as the application specialist, to ensure that an application performs effectively in all possible ailments. Think about the example listed below. Imagine an application which gives two figures. This program must recognize two mathematical inputs, execute the supplement and show the result. But specific problems exist, that may obstruct the performance of the program. Continue lendo esse post »


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Five Specialized Se’s You Have to Learn About

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–> Among the grounds of ProfEssays actions aside from rendering highquality providers in custom writing is monitoring improvements and recent behaviors while in faculties and the universities of the united states in order to have the capacity to identify new desires and requirements of the students. Third longterm strategy this how to write an overview for custom term paper writing a research paper custom essay publishing company has currently accomplished a third stage of its research plan that was aimed toward receiving objective knowledge regarding the most challenging varieties of learners that were tasks occur to cope with. Continue lendo esse post »


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Good Essay Writing Company

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A thesis does effectively with distinct thematic elements or cases that help the theory displayed. Make sure to introduce quotes as opposed to only estimating them. Take the time to reread these elements to find excerpts that help the items made in the good essay writing company body of the article. The idea is made by the dissertation, and also it is supported by the essay’s rest. It does not just view, but comments on an observation. Though this is a superb declaration, using this sentence one step further might allow it to be a superb thesis.Romeo and Juliet are better quit deceased for three factors: experienced they married, their families would always remain in a feud, experienced they not married, they are able to never be pleased in existence, and experienced they eloped, they would be liable to be trapped anyway. Continue lendo esse post »


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Senior high school graduation rates for Latinos in LAUSD are suffering

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Sometime it will happen – you are looking to produce changes to your Wi Fi hub and recognize that you neglected the protection or password key. This is to recover your Wifi modemis password. There are always a couple of options carry it back again to factory defaults or you can use to reset your routers password. Continue lendo esse post »


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How to Develop Into A Faculty Admissions Officer

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Classified training is when academics optimize the learning potential of the class by changing program, teaching practices, learning resources and pursuits to handle the requirements of the learners, as persons or small organizations accumulated by learning degree or willingness. Continue lendo esse post »


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Review Format

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In regards to understanding, people are becoming a growing number of on the run as opposed to being in the standard class. Release Elearning is really a subsect of distance-learning, in that learners aren’t always in a traditional classroom so that you can participate in school activities. As with distance and e learning, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of allowing engineering take a total your hands on one’s knowledge. M-Learning is characterized by the capacity to learn through lightweight products. Continue lendo esse post »


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Spiritual Healing Of Cardiovascular Disease

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You understand you must eat veggies more fruits and wholegrains to boost your cholesterol amounts, but an eating plan to lessen cholesterol is full of greater than fiber and rabbit food. It’s a diet full of proteins like trout as well as in wholesome fats such as olive oil and walnuts. Realizing all the healthful and tasty food possibilities will help produce lowcholesterol meal planning and eating pleasant. Consult your physician or dietitian. (Laura Beth Drilling/Demand Media) Summary of Cholesterol Cholesterol is not all poor; you will need it to help with making vitamin D hormones and materials that help with fats’ digestion. Continue lendo esse post »


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Write An Essay On Your Favourite Personality

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A properly- prepared, concretely -stated essay may present the trainer that you’re the very best fit for the job. Make your tone is upbeat and not neutral; you are currently talking about cheerleading. Explain how groups have been brought by you before in more everyday conditions summer camp. Create your comments that are remaining wonderful which means that your essay will standout in the others. Leave a lasting impact. When you publish use cases. Be comfortable if you describe why you’ll create a leader that is wonderful. Continue lendo esse post »


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Enhancing Chances of Acceptance at a Presentation Pathology Grad School

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Edit Report Where to Find Leads A sales ninja-essay-biz lead shows the initial phase of a sales method, and may be the identification of a person or organization probably interested in buying a service or product. The lead may have a corporation or company connected (a B2B lead) together with the person(s). Revenue leads come from either prospecting operations including direct marketing, tradeshows, advertising, Internet marketing salesperson recruiting actions including cold calling. Ad Actions Determine the unique alternative your service or product and your specific target market has to offer. Continue lendo esse post »

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